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Cancer: A Year Later

I was lying in bed, my head resting on my wife’s chest, and I was weeping. I could feel her crying as well. Her hand gently stroked my hair, soothing my sadness. But it wasn’t sadness that caused the tears to flow that night—it was humility. Earlier that day, I had been diagnosed with cancer—spreading malignant melanoma. Despite this life-altering news, I felt remarkably close to God. Regardless of the prognosis, I felt certain that He had a plan. Listen to […]

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Confessions of a Wanna-Be Superhero

My kids love to dress up. Every day they embark upon a new adventure: pretending to fly, fight crime or a number of other superhero fantasies. But over the past few years I’ve come to a difficult truth. My kids dress up like superheroes for fun. I do it because I think I have to. Let me explain. In an exhaustive attempt to understand who I truly am, I have various capes that I wear. These “capes” are different for all […]

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