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Welcome to Ham House

For years I’ve been fascinated with parody songs, skit comedy and impressions. But that part of me always lingered in the background covered up by a career and the opinions of people. People told me that if I wanted to be a professional, I needed to act like one. Impressions and silly songs were for clowns. After I resigned, I remembered the boyish fascination and began to step into it. I started watching old Saturday Night Live skits, stand-up comedians, parody […]

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The Haunting of the Waldorf Astoria

If you ever find yourself walking down Park Avenue in New York City, you’ll see two, gold-plated turnstiles under a brilliant lighted canopy. This is the iconic entrance that beckons you to enter the Waldorf Astoria. As you step into the lower lobby, a small staircase rises immediately in front of you, ushering you in. The short ascent leads to an ornate floor with decorative ceilings that are as captivating as you’d imagine. It’s not surprising that the hotel is the backdrop for countless films and star-studded gatherings. Outside the walls […]

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