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This Homeless Man Didn’t Want My Money, He Wanted Something Else

Aside from a perimeter fence, the only thing that separates our rear property line from the parking lot of College Acres Baptist Chuch is a narrow row of trees. Except for Wednesday night and Sunday morning, the lot stays quiet—and quite peaceful I might add. But not too long ago, it provided the setting for a fateful encounter with a homeless man who taught me one of life’s greatest lessons. It is a lesson that will serve us in more […]

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A Homeless Man and Slavery

His name was Anthony Isley King. His clothes were ragged and his face unkept. He smelled of alcohol, but didn’t appear to be intoxicated. His dark black skin blended perfectly with his dark clothes making him almost invisible against the backdrop of night. As he approached, I could feel the weight that seemed to rest upon his shoulders. Something within my spirit moved me to talk to this man. My prejudices were quick to make themselves known and I attempted to […]

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