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What I Learned From A Homeless Twenty-Something

I’m ashamed to admit that I used to shy away from homeless people. But over the past few years, I’ve had quite a few encounters like the one I share below. I’ve come to appreciate them now because God’s either trying to get my attention or giving me an opportunity to learn something about myself that I’m otherwise unwilling to accept. In this case, I think it may have been both. ◊♦◊ I met Cody yesterday. As I walked into a […]

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When You’re Going Through Hell

It took a homeless man pitching a tent in the woods next to our home for me to come to grips with some of my greatest fears. As I stared at his blue tent through the foliage of the forest, I thought about the situation. I was ashamed that I was hesitant to confront him, share the gospel, and invite him into our home. On the other hand, it felt honorable to consider my family, to be patient, and to pray for this […]

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When Courage is the Answer

Yesterday brought an interesting discovery: a homeless man had pitched a tent in the woods beside our home. My first response was fear, followed by general uneasiness. All of the traditional dangers that accompany homelessness are things that I don’t want near my young sons. But I couldn’t stop staring at this tent. Its blue, slightly weathered exterior was surrounded by trees just yards beyond our perimeter fence. My mind split in two different directions. Do I step in and […]

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