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Momming (is) So Hard

I debated whether or not to specifically address moms in this article, but I have for two reasons. One, I am a mom of four (soon-to-be-five) kids, so it’s what I know. Two, there is something unique and special about a mother’s love for her children. So, moms, this is for us. I believe that a mother’s nurturing, strong, protective spirit enables children to feel loved. It is this love that helps our children flourish, even from an early age. […]

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It’s Supposed to be Hard [Podcast]

The more I learn, the more I see one recurring truth. There’s one consistent reality we face every day: Life is hard. Most recently, I was reminded by our four-year old, MJ. We were at an outdoor concert and there was a large group of kids playing in front of the stage, a few of whom MJ knew. As he approached them to play, it was obvious that they were already engaged and had little interest in him. Defeated, MJ walked […]

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