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After My Grandmother Died, Guess What We Found in Her Bible

Today would have been Grandma Ham’s 90th birthday. For those who didn’t have the privilege of knowing her, she was four feet ten inches of well-permed, God-fearing delight. After she passed away, my mom found my grandmother’s Bibles while cleaning out her home. What surprised us all is what we found inside. To my grandmother, the Bible wasn’t an old dusty book full of do’s and don’ts, it was a weapon—the living Word of God, an active asset in an […]

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The Truth Behind Bow Tie Friday

We are the culmination of our habits. As Brian Tracy says, “Successful people are simply those with successful habits.” It stands to reason, that if we’re not where we want to be, our habits aren’t leading us where we want to go. In my pursuit of living a rich life, I’ve made it a point to redefine my habits—an intentional choice to swim upstream. I’ve learned that if you want to redefine your life, you must redefine your habits. For the past seven […]

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