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Faith and Business: How Do We Bridge the Gap?

As an eighteen-year-old high school student, I was given the task of completing a senior project. It seemed like an insurmountable goal to culminate thirteen years of education and my personal ideals into a thesis paper, related product, and oral presentation. I titled my project “Faith in Business”, an attempt to highlight the idea that these concepts were not oil and water. Contrary to popular belief, faith and business were not only intertwined, they were mutually beneficial. Those who judged my efforts introduced common criticisms, making it clear that America had […]

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Two Practices to Give an Account of your Abilities

One of the greatest barriers to the life you want to live is you. We are our own biggest problem. It’s not our finances, it’s not our feelings, it’s not our past, and it’s not our circumstances, it’s us. You and I are both great at self sabotage. In order to keep that self sabotage to a minimum, I have begun doing a couple of things to keep myself honest. And on top of that, I have a few people […]

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