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The Xennial Micro-Generation: Bridging The Gap

I recently read an article highlighting a study of people born between 1977 and 1983 (via Dan Woodman, Melbourne University). We are Xennials—a micro-generation wedged between Generation X and Generation Y. As someone born in 1981, I consider the article to be spot on. I’ve never felt like I identified with either generation exclusively. Instead, I possess characteristics of both. I vividly remember when our family got our first VCR, car phone and computer. As a kid, I listened to […]

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Facing your Fear with Renewed Perspective

Just the other day I shared my passion to write and speak when someone challenged me, “You’re only thirty-two. You’re just a kid.” He’s right. Those are valid concerns that I ponder often; real fears that I face everyday. What fears are you facing? If we don’t face our fears, they will derail our dreams. As I thought more about my fears, I read the results from a recent survey of my readership. One word stood out: perspective. I saw the two collide.   […]

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