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Your Whole Life Matters

In my early thirties, I found myself with three boys under the age of two, suffocating under the pressures of life. I was trying to be a good Christian, run a successful business, be a good father and husband, and stay in shape. I was surviving, but I was exhausted. Like a boxer, refusing to do down, I would get back in the ring and keep going. It seemed as if I lived defensively, trying to protect myself from the […]

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If You Hate Your Job…

I hate my job.  I hear those words far too often. Well, maybe not those exact words, but the general attitude of angst toward work is extremely prevalent. And as that attitude begins to take root, it crosses the boundary and erodes our personal lives as well. If you feel that way about your job, you’ll begin to feel that way about your life. On the other hand, many people accept the myth that professional success will automatically leak over into […]

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