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Three People You Need in Your Life

Life is hard. There’s no denying that. As a result, we try to control our circumstances to avoid the “hard”— like if we eat right or get on a budget, then it will all be rainbows and unicorns. By sheer willpower and effectiveness we try to push through our struggles with a fix-it-myself attitude. But curiously, that mentality isolates us. Before we know it, we’re alone, buried by our circumstances. Rather than relying on efficient practices and willpower, is there another way? As a […]

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The One Characteristic of Friendship I’ve Come to Cherish

In the film, It’s a Wonderful Life, as George Bailey’s living room is flooded with friends, he is left a most special gift by his guardian angel, Clarence. Inside the pages of a favorite book, Clarence writes: “Remember no man is a failure who has friends. Thanks for the wings! Love, Clarence” At that moment, George hears the bell ringing on his Christmas tree. He looks up towards heaven and winks, then he smiles as he embraces his family. As I re-watch the […]

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