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Confederate Statues and Taking Sides

There is a fierce battle raging in our country. The events in Charlottesville and the backlash that followed have sprouted bitter fruit from a crippled seed planted long ago. At a quick glance, the conversation is about Confederate statues, racism, and taking sides. Like a schoolyard fight, we line up on one side holding fast to our stereotypes, anger, and hatred for those across from us. But is that really the issue? In a moment of clarity, I feel like God […]

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Parenting is the Most Frustrating (And Rewarding) Part of my Life

Seven years ago, my wife and I were in a barren place, both literally and metaphorically. Our efforts to start a family seemed to be in vain and our marriage was on the rocks. But these past seven years have taught me that difficulty and adversity are common denominators for anything deeply rewarding. At least that’s what I have to remind myself of, now, as a father to four kids under the age of seven. Being a dad is the most frustrating […]

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