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The Gratitude Cycle

If you pause and look at your life objectively, I think you’ll recognize a real tension that pulls you in opposite directions. On one side there’s gratitude, generosity, and humility. On the other side, you see entitlement, fear, and pride. Every human being is driven by three distinct tensions: Gratitude — Entitlement Generosity — Fear Humility — Pride In every circumstance, every relationship, and every interaction, we feel these polar forces at work. A quick look at American culture and many would argue that we […]

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Are You A Spoiled Little Rich Girl?

Think about the last time you didn’t get your way. How did you respond? Here’s an honest example from my life. When I launched my book, there was a part of me that wanted paramount success: the New York Times Best-Seller list and an interview on Good Morning America. I wanted the Golden Goose and I felt the tension growing inside of me when it didn’t happen immediately. And the feeling of course isn’t limited to that example alone. Sometimes, it’s as trivial as traffic or my children’s refusal […]

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