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If I’m Honest… | The One Thing Our Lives Desperately Need

Rampant, subtle dishonesty ruled my life for many years. My business was booming although it stressed me out, my social media feed showed the smiles instead of the meltdowns, my marriage appeared pure despite the fact that it wasn’t and my conversations delivered what I thought people wanted to hear instead of what was true. With the best intentions I ever-so-gently positioned my life to seem better than it was. It was a vicious cycle that robbed me of authenticity and […]

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The Reality of Depression at Christmas

I’ve recently gained a deeper appreciation for the reality of depression. Whether it was my own naivety or an unwillingness to be honest, I refused to go there. But the truth is, many people will spend this Christmas and the coming year in a battle with depression. And I would never suggest that I have any answers, but I wanted to unpack a few thoughts and share a story that may provide some perspective. For those of you who struggle, know that […]

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