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Risk Taking – Tips on Making Decisions

Life is full of influential moments, they happen everyday. There are fewer moments that define who we are. Even making the decision to NOT let a moment define you can, in turn, be a defining moment. These moments are etched into our story as a necessary part of our experience. Can you define your moments? For me, making the decision to move to Florida after college was one of those moments. In hindsight, it changed everything. I want to share […]

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Baseball and Bimini: Making Right Decisions

Baseball was a way of life. Between my brother and I playing, Mom running the concession stand, and Dad coaching and umpiring, Winter Park Optimist¬†was our second home. I can still hear the cheers from the sidelines, smell the freshly cut grass, and taste the sweat mixed with red clay. For the first eighteen years of my life, baseball was my¬†identity. It was what I loved. You see, my dad was a great athlete growing up, but through a rare […]

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