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Control Freak – 5 Things to Turn Your Desire For Control Into Influence

Yesterday, I wrote about the idea of surrendering control and testing your motives.  I received some great feedback!  I love feedback.  I love engaging. For those of you that have, thank you!  The main question was, “Aren’t there some things you should control?”  That answer is yes! Differentiating Control I wanted to point out yesterday that we should question the motives behind our control.  Healthy control is that with a concern for a greater good for all involved or control based […]

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3 Tips to Learn Control by Giving it Away

We decided to take the boys for a walk after dinner. Before the twins became mobile, this was a daily activity. However, now that they have willpower and ability to move, sitting in the stroller doesn’t bode so well. About 10 minutes into our walk, they started to get testy. Their fussing was causing an equal response within myself. I could feel my emotions rising. “Why won’t they just sit and enjoy this? I would love to be pushed in […]

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