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America, Lay Down Your Stones

Some mornings, I sit on my front porch and listen to the birds. In the stillness, I find companionship with my coffee and God’s word. Despite the feverish pace of the world, these moments provide solitude. My spirit and soul are nourished. Then, at some point, I grab my phone and scroll through my social media feeds. Peace begins to dissipate. The birds’ chorus fades into a bitter backlash of human emotion as friends, acquaintances and complete strangers destroy each other […]

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The Real Issue With The Brian Williams Situation

It has been interesting watching the media’s response to the Brian Williams debacle. In a world where they usually devour political figures, sports stars, and A-listers, they have turned the knife on one of their own in a curious form of professional cannibalism. Even during the 40th anniversary of Saturday Night Live, they didn’t hesitate to join suit as Jerry Seinfeld took the stage mocking Williams, saying, “You know there are so many things about Saturday Night Live that people […]

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Deadlier than Ebola

Of the many problems plaguing our culture, one stands out among the rest. It is far deadlier than Ebola because it pierces deeper than the body, it kills the heart. Like darkness, it rises and encompasses all who are ignorant to its presence. It is a problem to which none of us are immune. When our longing for answers has us skipping over the questions altogether, we rush to Google and demand a response with 4G speed, often neglecting whether the source is credible or […]

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