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Never Let What Is Good Keep You From What Is Great

I stumbled upon the story below as I was browsing through my journal. It was the first thing I wrote, although I never published it here. I think of it as my demo tape. From my journal, August 12, 2013: __________ A man sets out to climb the highest mountain and spends tireless hours rising to its summit. Reaching, striving, falling, climbing. His journey covers him in experience; he’s bloody, bruised, and exhausted. Yet, he continues to strive for the summit. […]

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This Too Shall Pass

My maternal grandmother, Eloise Ham, was raised alongside fourteen brothers and sisters in rural Timmonsville, South Carolina. She learned the value of hard work by caring for her younger siblings and performing her daily duties on the family farm. Tom Brokaw was right when he labeled her and her peers, The Greatest Generation. They taught us the value of an honest day’s work, the necessity for loving our neighbors and what it means to fear God. But the most valuable lessons my grandmother taught me […]

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