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You Can’t Spell Relationship without R-E-S-T

Over the past few weeks, I have found myself navigating a tension. Since leaving my career to step into full-time ministry with our organization, YouPrint, my schedule has been busy. Between meetings, our radio show expansion and corporate engagements, my time has been filled. But beneath the full schedule is a lurking emptiness. This weekend, as I was spending some time alone at the beach preparing for my sermon, I felt God say, “Don’t become so busy with this stuff […]

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You’re Too Busy To Read This

I know you only have two minutes, so I’ll be brief. In fact, don’t even bother reading any further. But please stop using your busyness as an excuse. I’m afraid that busyness has become a crutch for a leg that really isn’t broken. In fact, busyness is the very thing that is ruining our lives. Busy is Robbing You Blind I have come to loathe the word busy with every ounce of my being. Yet in every relationship, that word seems to dominate […]

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Overcoming the Noise

Noise. We live in a world full of the Noise. A constant hum of chatter runs rampant in our lives. Key strokes on a computer. Endless posts on our news feed. The complaints of our companions. Tweets and retweets. Car engines. Traffic. Airplanes. Cell phones. The Noise culminates in a blur and we respond in two ways: We add more Noise or We desperately try to escape it In the end, we’re consumed. Maybe we gain a few hours of […]

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