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The Fear of the Opinions of Others

There is a real desire in every human being to be approved. Everyone wants to believe they matter. And even though we say we don’t care what people think, we constantly give them the authority to validate who we are. As a result, we orchestrate our lives to please others—our boss, our spouse, our kids, our parents, our friends, even the guy we bump into at the coffee shop. The problem is, we lose sight of who we really are because we live the life that […]

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What Breakfast With My Best Friend Taught Me About Success

Jake has been my best friend since birth. He’s that friend, the one I’d bleed for—and as scars would attest, I have. Even though we now live in separate states, we haven’t allowed the distance to separate our friendship. Our pastime is eggs and bacon. That’s what we do. If there’s one thing about our breakfast summits, the eggs are always served with a side of truth. We hold nothing back. We can’t. The reality of a great friendship is […]

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Addicted to Approval

The like button on Facebook has changed our culture. In this highly socialized world, we hold more power in our ability to dish out digital thumbs than entire news organizations had just ten years ago. With each click, we approve or we don’t. Our thumbs sway elections, dictate corporate spending, and create instant celebrities overnight. Approval is a funny thing, though. While we long for it ourselves, we often withhold it from others. We’re like the little hobbit, Sméagol, in J. R. […]

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