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My Kid Has Two Hearts? A Twin Story

Someone recently asked me: “Do you have any advice for someone expecting twins?” The transcendence happened immediately. Rather than being the one asking for advice, now, I was the one giving it. Not that I assume I’m in a position to give any advice at all, but this is my attempt. For the first time, I stand on the other side and look back on our craziness. The last three years of my life rushing by in reverse, memories pouring in like water […]

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How to Become Rich

Trisha was a dreamer.  She chose to look at all that life could be and celebrated the special moments.  She met people and ideas with excitement. Even when she was diagnosed with cancer, she dreamed big. Outside of her husband, she wasn’t going to tell anyone and cancer certainly wasn’t going to stop her. In fact, her 38th visit to Disney World, the year she was diagnosed, held the same excitement as her first. It wasn’t until Christmas that year […]

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Sticks, Stones and Broken Bones…

Having three boys I knew the day would come, I was just hoping it would be delayed. This weekend, my three-year-old son, Matthew, who I will affectionately call MJ, fell from the couch and broke his left arm just above the elbow. The experience was traumatic as it was the first time I had really seen him hurt. We’d dealt with bumps, bruises, viruses, and the occasional tantrum of an emotional overload, but never this. His response was one of […]

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