Redefine Rich

Redefine Rich: A New Perspective on the Good Life

In the midst of a cancer diagnosis, a small-business owner and father to three young children discovers four principles that guide him toward a new definition of what it means to be rich. With heart-warming stories and dynamic storytelling Matt shares the adventure of living richly and uncovering a more authentic life in the process.

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“Matt’s exuberant faith is a serious breath of fresh air willing to chase down daylight and wrestle it free from the darkest of circumstances.” – Kevin Adams, Author of The Extravagant Fool (Zondervan)

“A clear picture of richness that collides with what rich seems to be. The stories provide clarity and the practical steps provide hope.” – Mike Ashcraft, Senior Pastor and Author of My One Word (Zondervan)

“An adventure that you’ll immensely enjoy, and from which you’ll greatly benefit!” – Tom Morris, International Speaker and Author of True Success

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