A Heart of Anticipation | A Mid-Winter Update Along the Journey of Faith

It has been a tough winter.

My heart is ready for longer days and warmer temperatures. But for now, I wait. In the chilled stillness of waiting, God reminds me that spring is coming.

My wife has been suffering from nausea which is common for her pregnancies, but this time it has been debilitating. We’re extremely grateful for help from grandparents, in-laws and loved ones who have helped us navigate the struggle.

I had a hard time processing the news of our fifth child. However, I knew it was from the Lord. As if leaving my job wasn’t enough, now we’d have the financial obligation of another little one. But I’ve learned by now that He is intent upon offending my understanding until I let go of it altogether.

In the midst of the struggle He reminds me, “New life is coming.”

To prove His faithfulness, He decided to show up in the wrestling. In early January, I was notified that I have been selected to speak at TEDx McHenry, an independent TED event outside of Chicago. Not only is this an opportunity for me to do what I love to do, it will be an opportunity to connect on a larger stage. I thank Him for being a God who brings dreams to life.

In addition to the TED event, YouPrint will be facilitating a leadership workshop for 100 high school students in Onslow County. The event is organized by Onslow County Rotary Club and will be sponsored by Century 21 Sweyer Jacksonville. We look forward to connecting with the younger generation to provide a healthy perspective on leadership. It is desperately needed. In fact, this event has inspired us to create a leadership workshop designed specifically for the next generation that we will replicate and expand in the coming months.

Opportunities like this are a chance to sow good seed into fertile soil, but they also reveal God’s desire to direct our steps. I hear His voice of encouragement, “Follow where I lead and fruit will be born.”

In praying for God to expand this idea of speaking to the next generation, we were contacted by the folks at Paradigm Shift, a leadership development organization based in Oklahoma. They lead workshops across the country and we’ve begun discussions to partner on a more consistent basis. We will be joining members of their team in New Hampshire for an event in late March.

We hear you, Lord.

In the day-to-day, Kevin and I continue to walk out the mission and vision that God has given us—to invest in and develop people for their heavenly purpose. Most of my time is spent investing in new contacts and fellowship while Kevin is meeting one-to-one with folks focused on discipleship, mentoring and executive coaching. We consider each opportunity and each individual as a great investment for the Kingdom.

In anticipation for Kevin’s time filling up and God’s leading to expand our services, we have added additional resources through our non-profit, The LIFE Center. Kevin’s wife, Holly, will begin to offer a variety of services stemming from her passions of home decluttering and organization as well as holistic living and wellness consulting. Holly is a gem and we’re so excited to see her step into this new arena.

Our community continues to grow and we’ve received great feedback on how this service has begun to become integrated into the lives of our community members. We put together a short testimonial video as a way to share and invite folks to join us.

If you consider yourself a believer, but you’re looking for something to kickstart your daily walk and challenge you to grow your faith, I’d encourage you to jump in with us. It’s a great resource and it’s all goes to support our mission.

As I wrap up, I want to close with this thought.

A friend recently sent me this picture and said, “I took this the other day and felt compelled to send it to you.”

Photo courtesy of Alex Edmisten

As soon as I saw the picture, I felt God say, “Keep going. There’s light up ahead.”

The journey of faith is incredibly simple, but it isn’t easy. There are moments when we stand in the tunnel and wonder if we’re drawing any closer to the light. There are setbacks and challenges that the enemy wants to use as a distraction. But even the slightest bit of light gives us the ability to see our next step.

For years I longed for a magnificently lit path instead of trusting in Jesus to be the lamp unto my feet. Of course I know and believe that the magnificence and fullness of His light are up ahead, but for the moment, I’m reminded to trust in the intimacy of that next-step light.

Even in Winter, God has taught me how to have a heart of anticipation. Not only for what is ahead, but for the joy of what He is doing in the moment.

No matter where you are today, know that there is light up ahead—spring and new life are coming. But even in winter, trust in His provision and His light for the next step.

As always, we’re here to help.


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