After the Storm

Growing up as a kid in Coastal North Carolina, the threat of hurricanes was a staple—just like tornadoes for those in the midwest, earthquakes for those out west, and snow storms for those in the northeast, every geographic location has its nemesis.

This week, Hurricane Hermine swept through the southeast and left a swath of damage in its wake, affecting millions along the coast with flooding and power outages just ahead of the holiday weekend.

As the storm passed through, I went to Wrightsville Beach to check out the wind and the waves during the peak of the action. An angry sea greeted me and the tropical storm force winds sent pellets of rain to sting my cheeks. It was a relentless pounding that seemed as if it would never subside.

That’s how it feels during the middle of the storm—like its never going to end.

After the storm at Wrightsville Beach

After the storm at Wrightsville Beach

This morning, just a day after the storm had passed, I snapped this picture at Wrightsville Beach. For a scene that was so dangerous just hours before, it was surreal. As I sat and watched the waves peacefully roll into the beach with a gentle northwest wind at my back, I thought about the nature of life and its seasons of storms. Whether it’s tussles with our spouse, disagreements at work, or more serious difficulties like illness and death, the intensity of the storm is life’s darkest moment. It’s in those moments when every emotion comes crashing down and your thoughts wreak havoc on your being.

No matter how many times you hear the command of the gospel to “not be afraid” during the storm, it’s difficult to comprehend.

But today, as I felt myself in the peace after the storm, it reminded me of God’s promise: regardless of what we face, regardless of the trials, regardless of how we feel, He offers us peace in the storm and an eternal home beyond the borders of this life.

Instead of hearing His promise, I’m learning to feel it instead. To soak it in down to my bones. Then, it becomes like ammunition to fight the stinging pellets of rain during the torrent. His word and His promise grants us the ability to pause, even in the darkest moments, and remember that which is true.

“In this world you will have trouble. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” —John 16:33

Today, if it feels like you’re facing the unrelenting forces of nature, know that you have a God whose promises are greater than what you can see. Even though the wind and the waves may seem to be overtaking you, there is never a moment when you don’t have hope. There is nothing is this world that He has not overcome.

Take heart, there will be peace again.



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