What’s Keeping You From Fighting Your Giant?

This weekend, I had the privilege to speak alongside an amazing group of people at the LaunchOut Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

Here’s a video of the talk:

As I prepared, I felt that God was telling me to go to the story of David and Goliath, and He reminded me that all of us have an epic adventure to live. (1 Samuel 17)

The problem is that most of us become comfortable, scared, or distracted along the way. In the talk, I give five key points to consider as you face your proverbial giant:

  1. Every hero must leave the comfort of home
  2. Humility before God empowers us to chase our dreams
  3. Exchange the weapons of the world for the weapon of faith
  4. Selfish ambition must be surrendered for the purposes of God
  5. Every moment in your past is God preparing you for what He has in store for your future

At the end of David’s story, the Bible says, “There is a man after God’s own heart.” When I’m laid to rest, my hope is that is what I would be remembered for.

The Path to Your Epic Adventure

The Path to Your Epic Adventure

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