How to Arrange Your Life to Focus on Who You Are Becoming

Our surroundings influence us more than we know. They engage our senses, our conscious and subconscious minds, and they have the power to move us in a certain direction.

Are you arranging your life so that your surroundings move you in the direction of your dreams?

While I think adaptability is important, I also believe that we need to orchestrate our lives to support who we are becoming.

On this episode of the podcast, I talk about my recent closing keynote at the Launch Out Conference (see video below) and I share with you my newly finished writing room.

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When I began writing two years ago, I never really had a writing space. Most of my writing happened at our kitchen table, early in the morning, before the family woke up. But just as I was starting to hit my stride, the boys would inevitably wake up.

In our home, we had some unfinished space over our garage but due to budgets and time, we weren’t able to have it finished. About six months ago, I decided to change that.

Today, I’m recorded my first podcast from that new space: my writing room.

There are a few key features about the room that are important and I think they will help you as you orchestrate your life to focus on who you are becoming.

My writing room

My writing room

First of all, the room is debt free. I think Dave Ramsey is right. It’s important to fund your dreams as you go. First of all, it has made me appreciate the process. Secondly, it has brought to life the concept of patient endurance.

It actually helped me cultivate gratitude for where I was instead of where I wasn’t. Too often, our now culture leads us to embrace entitlement rather than patience and I believe the latter is so much more important.

Also, when you do things that support your life, remember to add value. If you’re a writer, save up to buy a nice computer or a nice pen and journal. If you’re a triathlete, save up to buy nice gear. It creates a mindfulness about the gifts and purpose you’ve been called to and it helps fuel your passion. In addition, it encourages you as you continue to become.

Finally, create reminders of what God has done in your life. In the Old Testament, the Israelites used Ebenezer stones–stones that reminded them of what God had done in their life as a way to create hope for what He was doing.

I’m learning that what God is doing in us is always more important than what He’s doing through us. Arrange your life to remind you what God has done as a way to empower you about what He will do.

How are you arranging your life?


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