What is Your Most Memorable Christmas Gift? 12 Days of Christmas Cheer: #ARichChristmas Day 6

The Christmas Cheer continues! If you’ve missed any of the fun we’ve been having this week, please visit the links at the end of the post.

Today, I’m super excited because we’re hearing from Andy Andrews.

Andy Andrews is an amazing author; my favorite. I’ve featured him on the site before and I reference his writing in a lot of my own.

His book ‘Socks for Christmas’ became an instant classic for my family. Ironically, I just discovered it this year AND it fits right in with the themes this week!

Socks for Christmas

I hope you love this as much as I did!

You could purchase the book from Andy’s site below, but this year, he gave a great Christmas present and read the book aloud himself.

I’d encourage you to take 11 minutes and listen to him read the story. He starts the story at the 8 min mark after his introduction!

Andy Andrews reads “Socks for Christmas”

Additionally, his podcast ‘In the Loop’ is a constant on my playlist. I’d encourage you to check it out and visit Andy’s site.

©2009-2013 Andy Andrews. Used by Permission. Originally posted on AndyAndrews.com. Due to copyright infringements, I couldn’t publish the reading directly on the site, so clicking the link will redirect you.


After you’ve listened, I’d love to hear…

What has been your favorite Christmas gift?



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