A Story of Faith

For many, the Old Testament is a confusing and unrelated part of the gospel story. Nothing could be further from the truth. As many theologians have taught us, the Old Testament is but a shadow of things to come– full of amazing stories. Once you look beyond the ancient names and dialogue, there is incredible wisdom within.

In 2 Kings 5, Elisha heals an army commander of leprosy, but seeks no repayment. He only requests that God be honored. Elisha’s servant thinks otherwise and lies about needing repayment. The leprosy that was healed from the army commander then clings to Elisha’s servant because of his greed.

Take some time to read the story – Here are a few nuggets:

1.  It takes faith – When the army commander, Naaman, heard of Elisha, he could have easily said, “that’s not for me”.  However, his leprous condition had him in such a state, that he would to ANYTHING. Sometimes it takes that, unfortunately, to get it through our heads that we need to seek help.  Regardless, in that moment, it takes faith.  Faith is the spark that ignites our opportunity for change!

2.  It took the wife’s servant sharing her faith – The wife’s servant is the real hero here!  Despite her “status” as a servant, she stepped on a limb to tell Naaman about Elisha.  There was probably some remarkable story in her past that we don’t see in scripture that caused her faith to be so strong.  Don’t be afraid to reach out to those that are hurting with truth that you know.

3.  Don’t have expectations on how you will be healed – Naaman thought he’d be healed immediately.  He didn’t want to bathe in the river – it was probably pretty dirty.  Regardless, his initial reaction is ours, anger.  It took some coaxing from others to say, give it a shot.  Temper your initial reaction to the things that may have the power to help you in your situation.

4.  Don’t be Gehazi – Gehazi was Elisha’s servant that sought repayment by lying.  God calls us to do acts of service out of our faith.  He’s already repaid us all we can ask for by giving us his grace and redemption.  Our acts of faith have nothing to do with what we get in return.  Anyone would do something if they expected to be repaid!  It takes a true act of faith to do something without anything in return.  But it is those acts that change us.  It is those acts that chase greatness!

Have faith, share it without expectation and look for nothing in return.

That is living richly.

What do you do to refuel?


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