Overcoming Fear, Doubt and Insecurity – How to Fight

I love this picture of a ship sailing into the night.  I took it while in Maui in 2011.  It relates so much to this post.  As the ship heads into the darkness, it cannot lose its course.  It must keep it.  The sun will rise again and light will fill the sky, illuminating the path.

Just like this ship, we must not lose our course when the darkness of fear, doubt and insecurity set in.  We must stay true to our destination, our purpose.  The light will come again.

Lessons Learned Last Night

I have a confession to make.  (I guess it’s what I get for posting on control the last couple of days!)  As I write these posts, I certainly don’t want you to think that I’ve got all of the answers and I certainly don’t want you to fall into the belief trap that I’ve got it all figured out.  I don’t!  Last night helped me realize that.

It was especially crazy as we were getting dinner ready.  I was trying to get a music video on the TV to help engage our 3 boys while we put dinner together.  My phone rang and I took the call.  (I love when you see your own stupidity in hindsight).  As soon as I did, it sent everything out of rhythm and it took the better part of 2 hours to get it back together.  The kids were clearly starving for attention and I answered my phone.  I got what I deserved.  The call could have waited, my kids shouldn’t have to.

The time that followed contained crying and fighting and potty accidents and worst of all, my frustration with myself.  I was mad at myself for messing up and I let it attack me in the deepest places.

How are you going to handle all of this?

Do you have what it takes to raise these boys?

You’re too selfish?

You don’t have enough patience!

I let the negativity roll…

Do you do that?  Beat yourself up as things continue to crumble around you?

Those are the tools of the enemy.  Doubt, Fear, Insecurity – they paralyze you.  Don’t let them in.  Don’t let it happen.  Recognize the attack and stand your ground.

Sometimes it takes way too long to be responsible and get over it.  But that’s exactly what we’ve got to do.

You want to know what helped me get over it?

As we were putting the twins down, Greyson put his hand on my chest, on my heart.  It’s my nighttime routine with our boys, reminding them that Jesus is in their heart.  I ask them to point to their hearts.  Then I ask them, “Who’s in your heart buddy?”  They say, “Jesus.”  I say, “That’s right buddy!  Say night night Jesus.  I love you Jesus” and they respond.

It’s some of the most special time I spend with them.

As I engaged in my own pity party, I missed the most important part of my night; putting my boys down, telling them that Jesus loves them and so does Daddy.  It didn’t take me long to snap out of it and realize what was at stake.

Don’t let anything steal your joy or distract you from your purpose.  Don’t let yourself be beat down by doubt, fear and insecurity.  They are lies. Fight with them for your life.  Call them out!

Fight fear.  Proverbs says, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”  Don’t fear the things that truly have no power in your life.  Be reverently fearful of the One who created you.  Be hopeful in promises of redemption, peace, and love, regardless of your circumstances or decisions.

Rise above your circumstances and your bad decisions.  Abraham Lincoln said, “I’m not concerned that you have fallen, I’m concerned that you arise.”  I encourage you to rise above your circumstances, rise above your struggles and live the life you were called to.  One full of joy.  One filled with gratitude.  One abounding in desirable qualities. The light will shine again!

I’m thankful to recognize these things last night so I can be mindful when their attacks return.  Next time, I will be ready.  Will you?


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