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The Power of Our Scars

When I was a kid, I walked in front of a seesaw swing. The metal corner of the swing caught my left cheekbone, split the skin and knocked me unconscious. I’m pretty sure seesaw swings are outlawed now and if we’d been the litigious type we could have settled with the manufacturer for damages. But I guess some scars don’t make you rich. I still have a vague recollection of the trauma—the bloody shirt of the man who carried me […]

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Living With Scars

Cancer left me with a four-inch scar on my right side, just above my hip. It also left me with a terrible case of insecurity. I’ll never forget the first time we ventured to the pool and I had to choose to remove my shirt and face the music, or keep my shirt on and hide my scar. It might seem silly to someone who’s never experienced it, but as the cool water reached my scar, I tensed up. I subconsciously rubbed my scar the entire […]

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